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Video from IA States 2016

Hey guys! I recently got Top Eight at Iowa States. Luckily, my win-and-in Round Seven was captured on film:

Thank you to Ryan Alperstein AKA Bullados for recording and posting the video. You can check out his channel here, he puts out some really cool content.

Also, look forward to a set review of Fates Collide coming up sometime in the near future.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Congrats Charles!!! Lucy and I are still looking at standard decks....she went with Toad/Girantina....I went water. Lucy and her friend set up a Pokémon Club at their school...a teacher supported it. I have a new person that has NEVER played before...what standard deck do you suggest?? She is having to play at the Senior level.

  2. any thoughts on additions to the old donphan deck?

    1. Hi Scott! In regards to your question regarding decks in Standard, Night March is not very complicated, and it can be simplified by removing all of the techs and still work fine.

      Donphan has really lost a lot of power and viability in a format full of Fighting-resistant Pokemon along with OHKOs. Because of this, I think that it is very important that any Donphan deck runs both Focus Sash and Magnetic Storm. Lets take a look at the top decks from this past weekend of Regionals: Yveltal, Darkrai, Trevenant, Toad/Bats, and Groudon (my source is The Charizard Lounge).

      With Dark Patch, Yveltal packs a punch and is hard to play around. Baby Yveltal is especially annoying. Against a skilled opponent it is not a good matchup. Magnetic Storm could help alleviate the problems that Baby Yveltal gives and hopefully guarantee a 2HKO.

      Speed Darkrai has type weakness, but the Yveltals can still be annoying. Dark is probably your best matchup, which is really not good considering that a good Yveltal player can be a real threat.

      Toad/Bats is just an awful matchup. This is a loss that you have to take that I don't know how to play around other than gamble on big Wrecks and hope that your opponent can't answer in time.

      Trevenant is another tricky matchup. Magnetic Storm is a must if you want any damage to stick.

      I don't have any comments on the Groudon matchup except for that Wobb shouldn't hurt you too much. Focus Sash is important, although they will have the resources to remove it of course.

      And the sixth deck is Mega Rayquaza, which has resistance as well.

      My genuine advice is to find a different deck (I am really enjoying Groudon at the moment, although that deck has a VERY high price tag), but if she really wants to play it I think that this metagame makes Magnetic Storm a must-add in addition to a heavy count of Focus Sash.


  3. thanks.....Lucy seems determined to use donphan...we will add a magnetic storm....we also looked at adding 2 Regirock add some hitting ability...but then would have to add a way to get it out of the active position if forced have 2 focus sash...may add 2 more.....I put together a yvetal deck for myself with gallade since it worked well at the last regionals...not sure if I will leave the lasers in or guess is yes...was looking at Groudon with the new fighters...Lucy has her points for world's...and I guess we will after this regional it will be time to focus on standard for her

  4. Now I am looking at the Marowak...and its ability Bodyguard to add to Donphan. Prevent all effects of attacks done to you and your hand....what does this mean? I assume a toad does not put you in item special energy or stadium lock...other key examples???? you and your hand seems like strange wording and I assume I am missing something

    1. It only affects your hand. If an attack says "Your opponent can't play ___ form his hand...", then that effect is removed. Jolteon's effect still happens, the only type of effects blocked are those like Quaking Punch and Chaos Wheel.

  5. or...may add a jolteon to allow donphan to hit like an electric

    1. I also don't think that Marowak is a great use of space in Donphan. If you were going to throw in another Stage One line, I would stick with Jolteon.

  6. ok..thanks....we will see how this goes

  7. Lucy proved me wrong...was at table 2 for most of the day....then lost her last match...instead of taking the tie that was offered (tie would not have locked her in the top 8).....and of course she lost her last match...fell out of the top 8....and of course if she would have taken the tie she would have made the top 8 due to the outcomes in the last back to standard to nationals and worlds for her....suggestions???? Looking at a Jolteon EX or a Night March deck. Scott


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