Thursday, May 4, 2017

Buy Choice Bands Now

Before Tool Scrapper was printed in BW: Dragons Exalted, the card Exp. Share saw a fair bit of play. I used it in Terrakion builds in Seniors to T8 and T2 States finishes as well as a T16 at a Regionals. Exp. Share was a passive tool, having an effect on one's opponent's turn. Another popular tool at the time was Eviolite, which was a Hard Charm for basic Pokemon.

Once Tool Scrapper was printed, Exp. Share practically stopped seeing play. Darkrai decks started to favor Dark Claw instead of Eviolite, even though Dark Claw had always been an option. When the base XY set was printed, both Hard Charm and Muscle Band were released, but only Muscle Band saw play for the most part, because of the existence of Tool Scrapper and Startling Megaphone.

This season, Item tool removal rotated out of the format. Because of this, Exp. Share saw heavy play again. Fighting Fury Belt, a tool similar in nature to Eviolite, saw play again.

However, Field Blower was just printed. This makes Fighting Fury Belt much weaker than it was before. Choice Band is similar to Muscle Band in that it has an effect on your turn, acting before your opponent can play Field Blower.

For some reason, Choice Bands are less than a dollar on TCGPlayer right now. This is an incredible deal in my opinion. both Muscle Band and Fighting Fury Belt inflated heavily in price at the height of their popularity. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of Choice Band.


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